Cartridge Filter Cleaning Station

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Green Filter Cleaning Machine

Clean and reuse your cartridge filters up to 4-6 times. Featuring Injection cleaning technology. Saves money and reduces waste.

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Filter Inspection Stations

Measure restriction levels and filter integrity after cleaning.

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Save Thousands of Dollars With the Green Filter Cleaning Machine!

Diversitech’s patented Green Filter Cleaning Machine will effectively and safely clean your cartridge style air filters. Our patented injection cleaning system (ICS-360) fits inside the filter to blow the dust off of the filter surface with compressed air. Companies with a significant (20-30+) filters can sometimes see a ROI in less than one year, depending on their filter maintenance schedule and filter replacement costs. The filter cleaning machine is green and environmentally friendly, reducing the number of filters going to landfill and allowing companies to clean and reuse cartridges up to 3-6 times depending on application.

Common Green Filter Cleaning Machine applications include:

  • Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Cleaning 
  • Diesel Engine Truck and Heavy Equipment Air Intake Filter Cleaning
  • Power Plant Gas Turbine Intake Air Filter Cleaning 
  • Vacuum Pump Air Filter Cleaning

How the Filter Cleaning Machine Works?

Cartridge filters are loaded into the filter cleaning mechanism and compressed using spacers and the top lid of the machine. Dry compressed air (80CFM @ 100PSI) is blasted from the inside of the filter out dislodging the dust. A 7.5HP cyclone dust collector then moves the dust through a cyclone into a 55 gallon drum. A cartridge safety after-filter removes all the fine particulate that bypass the cyclone and can manually be cleaned out with compressed air and collected in a 16 gallon drum. An inspection station is recommended to be able to test the pressure drop before and after cleaning filters.

How the Injection Cleaning Systems ICS-360 Works?

The ICS-360 injection cleaning system is the main component of the filter cleaning machine. It works by rotating an air nozzle up and down a threaded rod, covering the entire height of the filter while blowing it out in a 4-6 minute cleaning cycle. The automated cleaning cycle starts at the base of the mechanism, travels to the top of the filter cartridge then back down completing the filter cleaning cycle.

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